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In this page you can find an explanation of the differences between personal and commercial usage and, below, the files of the licenses to view and download.


It is very important to keep the receipt of purchase you received via e-mail after buying the font as it contains the information of the license you acquired and may be used as proof in case of any dispute. We also keep a record of every order made in our system.


Difference between personal and commercial usage

Examples of personal use:

• Scrapbook pages for you or friends/family
• Cards given to family and friends
Personal Invitations
• Products you make only for your classroom
• Church bulletins
• Christmas letters
• School reports

Commercial use is generally any use by a business or individual that is intended to generate profit. If the product you are using the font for is intended to generate income for you in any way, it is commercial use. This includes but is not limited to the following:

• Scrapbook pages (quick pages) used to sell to others
• Promotional products made for your business (logos, freebies, product labels, advertisements, etc.)
• Greeting cards & invitations/baby shower invites sold in craft fairs, Etsy, etc.
• T-shirts sold for profit or for fundraisers.
• Informational brochures for businesses
• Newsletters
• Income-generating blog
• Blog Designers
• Logos (which you may copyright, but the typeface, itself, is not copyrighted to you)
• Books
• Advertisements, etc.
• Teacher to teacher products

List of licenses

Click to view and download the file

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